Child Care Schedule

Child care is available Monday – Friday. Hours are flexible and based on each family’s individual needs. Learn more

Our Philosophy

We provides a small, secure environment for children during the most crucial time of their development,... Learn more

My quality child care program offers:

coreValue_tn3 Children Safety
Teachers that are warm, caring, well-trained and experienced. A low child-to-teacher ratio
coreValue_tn2 Flexibility
A daily schedule that is flexible, yet carefully designed to promote children’s learning and development through a balance of child-facilitated and teacher-planned education, and fun, stimulating activities.
coreValue_tn1 Learning & Fun
Learning Centers that are so much fun, the children don’t even realize they are learning.

Quality Child Care for all Ages

I want to assist in the nurturing of your child’s healthy development in all stages of life. My high-quality child care program enables children of all ages to learn and to grow healthy and strong at their own pace.
Infants and toddlers receive consistent, positive attention in a cozy, loving environment where they will grow and thrive.
Preschoolers are encouraged to discover new things and grow to be independent in a serene atmosphere. Social skills, i.e., getting along with others, taking turns, sharing and working together – all a part of cohesiveness, form the core of our activities.

Childcare Events

Ma Maison Childcare

MMC provides a small, secure environment for children during the most crucial time of their development, as they navigate major milestones in early education and make memories through creative play.

Full Day Sessions
Outdoor Activities
Varied Classes
Friendly Place

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