The enrollment process involves:

  1. A tour of my program–and a few minutes for Q & A and review of our policies and procedures.
  2. If, after the tour and meeting, we agree that we are the ideal choice for your child and I can offer he/she a spot for the desired days and times: The Parent-Provider contract is signed and returned to me along with a non-refundable annual enrollment fee of $100, and a non-refundable holding fee equal to one week’s tuition are required to secure the spot until the agreed start date.
    If, I cannot offer your child a spot for the desired days and times: your child will be added to the waitlist until the spot becomes available.
  3. Prior to start date: Parents must return: Application, updated Health and Immunization record, sign medication policy, Emergency medical.

On a confirmed admission parents are offered the opportunity of 2 hours over a two-day period to enable the family to settle in. This will take place the week prior to the child’s first day of enrollment. Day and time to be mutually agreed upon. Should a parent need more than the 2 hours, tuition will be charged accordingly.

There is a trial period of 3 weeks from the date child care begins. If the child care arrangements are not mutually satisfactory, either party can terminate this agreement with a 1(one) day notice – tuition paid is non-refundable.

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